Cleaning my desk.

A desk is a very personal place. Some say a desk is a reflection of the soul. (Or if they haven’t said it yet, they certainly should.) If this is true, my soul is an organized mess. I know which region of the desk any given item is in, but I couldn’t tell you more than that without some rummaging. There are times when the Stuff on my desk reaches critical mass, spreading into the room beyond, and there must come a reckoning. There must come a reckoning, I say!

First, I survey the wreckage. The wreckage this time is taking up the desk itself, (a charming maple fold-down/dresser with many small cubbies and drawers) part of my night table, a windowsill, and there is a pile of Stuff on top of my printer. Something Must Be Done. My strategy is as follows.

  1. Remove all the yarn and knitting-related paraphernalia. This usually does about 20% of the job right there. (There is a lot of yarn and knitting-related paraphernalia.)
  2. Find good homes on the bookshelves for the books. The stack of 19th century novels aren’t doing anything sitting an inch away from my computer.
  3. Figure out what to do with the miscellaneous stuff that remains in the wrong place: post-its in their drawer, pens in their cubbies, movie ticket stubs in their container, playbills… wherever I’m keeping those these days. (Not a perfect system.)
  4. All that remains at that point is to return the camera to its cubby lair, try in vain to control the wires coming out of my computer, and bask in the glow of a job well done.

It sounds so effortless when I type it out instead of do it.

I have inspired myself. I’ll be organizing now.

6 thoughts on “Cleaning my desk.

  1. If only my desk could be organized in such few steps, I would never have a problem. XD But alas, it generally takes me several hours of a stress-induced organizing frenzy to actually have a Clean Desk.

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