One month later…

…we find our hero working very hard at several important things. None of which, to her deep dissatisfaction, are her nascent attempts at blogging. These important things are:

1) School. This is our hero’s last semester, and she wants to get through this in style. There are five reading-intensive courses to keep up with, so “style” must be balanced with “sanity.”

2) The Olympics. Every four years she goes nutty for winter sports that she wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot ski pole the rest of the time. Figure skating! Snowboarding! Downhill! Uphill! Falling sideways! These will be over next week, though, and there will be time for homework at night again. (See “style” in previous item.)

3) Music. She is living in a house with a piano again, and has been working hard at getting her playing back to where it was when she left for college three and a half years ago. Her skills have not deserted her completely, to her great pleasure, and she enjoys it as much as she ever did. (See “sanity” in previous item.)

4) Reading and writing for herself, as well as for school. This is the hardest one, since there are so many opportunities to… (ten minutes later) …get distracted by the internet. But hopes are high. The battle of this semester might be lost, but she will win the war!

And that’s about it. Tune in next time for the scintillating continuation!

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