1:50 AM

There are people fighting somewhere up the air shaft, at least three of them. They’ve been yelled at once, a sonorous male voice calling out, “Keep it down!” They quieted for maybe, maybe eighty seconds. I can’t hear them well enough to know what the subject of the fight is, but it sounds like one of those arguments where you’re going around and around, and there isn’t anything to do about it but keep swinging and hoping to hit truth.

Or maybe someone got drunk and made out with somebody else’s best friend. Never can tell.

I’m sick with a sore throat. I haven’t been talking a lot, and when I do, it feels like an imposition. It’s like I have lost the desire to communicate. I’m on spring break, after all. I have retreated inwards. Being sick helped. It absolved me of guilt over not doing as much homework as I had planned. But really, finishing the rest of the semester’s work in ten days was a little much to ask. I want to be done. I can’t wait to be done. But before there is done, there is getting back into the rhythm of it, and that is what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

For now, I can go to sleep. Commune with my brain for a while. Wish the people a few floors up would shut up. This is the third night there has been some loud noise coming down the air shaft. Last night, it was someone belting pop music at 1 AM. It’s Spring! And, apparently, the inconsiderate idiots have thawed.

It comes with the territory.  I think everyone thaws this time of year. In my case, I thawed myself into post-nasal drip. But maybe other things, too. Just maybe.

Good night, everyone. Wish me and the people upstairs luck. We’re all going to need it.

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