Taking a Break

I’m working on my final papers. It’s hard. It’s 12:40 AM. I have three cans of Pepsi in me. I desperately want to keep going, but it feels like my brain might go into hyper shutdown mode if I don’t take a break. So, I’m taking a break.

Let me tell you what I’m writing about. I’m writing about self-delusion in Jane Austen. I am using very selective examples, since I only have 3,500 words to work with. (Only 3,500 words.) After almost a week of being unable to focus, exacerbated by a meeting with my thesis adviser that left me sobbing on the street, I have managed to write 1,600 words of analysis in this paper so far. (Not my thesis, I’m relieved to report. I’m not looking at that thing again just yet.) I’m on to the third of six novels I need to analyze. My introduction and conclusion are going to put me over the word count, I have this strange feeling, and there will be nothing I can do about it, given how little time I have left. This paper is due on Thursday. For me, this is “being on top of things” and “getting a head start.”

I will be so happy in eleven days. For now, I must keep working. There are more blog posts in the works, but they’ll have to wait until final papers are written and in.

2 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. So, what does one do with a…literary degree? I keep forgetting what the exact name of your major is.

    Do you want to write fiction as well? I could see you working as a professor, too, but I don’t recall you ever mentioning that as something you were interested in!

    • I have a degree in “Literary Studies.” I have an English degree with a fancy name, basically. I’m not sure what one does with such a degree, either!

      I want to write fiction most of all. I think on and off about being a professor, but for the moment I want to focus on writing, rather than thinking about grad school immediately. Some time off is necessary.

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