So then…

Then I was at ComicCon. ComicCon is Big. Very Big. So Big, in fact, that I felt lost and overwhelmed and alone. I’ve been to Otakon. I thought crowds of loony con-goers couldn’t bother me. But verily, I was mistaken.

I mention being at ComicCon because it was there that the seeds of an idea were planted. There was a fair amount of Steampunkness going on there, and as always, I find myself intrigued. I must admit to having a fairly tumultuous relationship with Steampunk. I don’t like glorifying the Victorian Age. It was sexist, racist, classist, pretty much every “ist” you can think of. The culture, the aesthetics, it was all pretty, but so twisted at the same time. I don’t think changing from electrical to steam power really redeems it all that much. But, I am happily willing to be wrong. Especially since I find myself drawn to it so often.

I set about thinking of what might have happened if in the 1870s, there was an overarching threat like World War I or II. An attack on British soil from an indomitable foe, requiring change and a certain flexibility of thinking. What would have happened if, smack at the height of Victorian England, something happened that caused rapid strides in technology, with corresponding ripples into the society? What if?

Now I’m writing. We’ll see what comes of it. I love my characters, and it’s so true that the more writing you do, the better you get at it.

I’m also getting a head cold. I hope the two aren’t related.

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