Why I wrote nothing yesterday morning: A Mood piece

It was early in the morning, not yet 7 o’clock. Our Heroine, nestled sweetly beneath the bedclothes, floated in that sometimes lovely, sometimes irritating place between sleep and wakefulness, when you are aware that there is a big wide wonderful world out there just waiting for you to wake up, but are not sure that this world is your friend. The bedroom door opened, and Our Heroine was kissed very gently on the forehead, and then on the lips, as she tilted her head up for a sleepy good-bye kiss. (Her hair was a rat’s nest, her eyes were squeezed shut against the light-oh-god-the-awful-light, but we are assured by our correspondent that she looked adorable.) She murmured a melancholic sigh as she heard the front door shut and lock, and then she had the following conversation with herself: 

6:50: I should get up. It’s not even 7! I could get so much done if I just get up.
6:52: I could write! I could have more than an hour to write before I’d even have to think about getting out of bed.
6:55: My alarm is going off in five minutes anyway, I should just get up.

7:00: Well, there goes the alarm. I ought to get up.
*strangely, fingers find the snooze button instead* *in fingers’ defense, snooze button is the entire screen of the phone, whereas to actually turn off the alarm takes dexterity and sticktoitiveness, qualities sorely lacking one who has just been awakened by a buzzing, whining phone*

7:05: There goes the Snooze function! Really ought to get up.
7:10: There goes the Snooze function again! Really should get up.
7:15: There goes the Snooze function again! Really should get up.

7:20: Okay, so instead of getting up, I will simply task myself with thinking about my plot while I lie here, half asleep.
7:25: *snoozebuttonflail* …so then they’re going to discover wireless communication…
7:30: *snoozebuttonflail* …her sister likes the pilot dude…
7:35: Oh, for pity’s sake! *manages to turn alarm off* Now I will think and write and be awake!


8:00: DAMMIT. *has to quick get up and rush to be at work on time*

Thank you, and good night.

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