It’s been a while!

Hi, Blog! I missed you! I have been neglecting you terribly, but I promise there are good reasons.

I now have a Real Job, which I’m happy about for a number of reasons. I like the work, I like the people, and I think I’m settling in well. The drawbacks are that I don’t have the time to write as much as I did. But I’ll try to post more again.

I also just started watching The Tudors. I have never seen any of it before, by popular request. I have been fascinated, nay, obsessed by Tudor England since I was an ickle girl. My friends didn’t want to hear me snarling, “That’s historically inaccurate!”* However, our long-suffering correspondent turned the first episode on. We’d been talking about it, you see, and he wanted to know if the stories were true. I made it into the first shot. “Those windows are double-hung! They didn’t have double-hung windows in Tudor England!”**

Our long-suffering correspondent is now off in the kitchen, snickering quietly to himself.

But I’m enjoying it. Though the women in Tudor England have an astonishing lack of body hair.***

Fantastic blog post from a writer I like very much. I would add that I think the decision to treat women badly in TV shows and books is because a lot of men (the key demographic for a lot of the media under discussion) are programmed from early life not to hit girls, and that violence against women is bad and wrong and horrible. So it’s done with so little thought because it’s an easy way of upsetting or discomfiting your male audience, raising the stakes. It’s a cheap shot.

*While frothing at the mouth, no doubt.
**There was definite frothing at the mouth.
***All right, all right. I’m done.

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