The stack for the week.

I thought a little positivity was called for. Behold! My reading for the week:

I abandoned The Needle in the Blood, by Sarah Bower, halfway through. I just wasn’t in the mood for melodramatic, steamy historical fiction set in Pre-Medieval England, following the creation of Bayeux tapestry by way of one of its embroiderers. Instead, I turned to The Winter Palace by Eva Stachniak. Melodramatic, steamy historical fiction set in Tsarist Russia, following the reign of Catherine the Great from the point of view of one of her spies. I’m liking it very much so far. I had a short, but passionate affair with the Empress of All the Russias last year, reading three biographies in quick succession. I enjoy historical fiction more when I know some of the source material.

Once this is done, I want to read Over Sea, Under Stone by Susan Cooper. I couldn’t really get into those books as a child, I think they were a little bit too fantastical for me at that age. I loved whimsy, but it had to be a little more firmly grounded in reality for me. Or, at least, mythology I understood. I had the Greeks and the Romans down pat, but Celtic was out of my orbit.

After that, I think the last book I want to read this week is City of Light by Lauren Belfer. I’m about 15% through it, according to my Kindle. It’s this really interesting bit of historical fiction about Buffalo, New York during the Gilded Age years as electricity is becoming important. I like the characters.

That’s my stack for the week. I wish I’d thought to take a picture!

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