Why you can’t get a girl.

Are you feeling lonely, sunshine? Do you feel like girls don’t like you, don’t want to be around you romantically? Have you found yourself grousing about how you’re “too nice” and “girls don’t want me?” Do you spend a lot of time complaining to your female friends about this?

Well, today, Miranda is going to sit you down and explain to you why this is, in small, simple words.

You’re a jerk.

That’s about it. The sum total of why you cannot get a girl.

This jerkitude may exist on several levels.

First of all, let’s be clear here. When you say “I can’t get a girl,” what you mean is, “I can’t get a girl I feel is attractive enough to validate my cripplingly shallow sense of self-worth.” This is sad, to be sure. That your sense of self-worth is so shallow, I mean. You can’t get a girl who rises to your level of acceptable female fantasy attractiveness to have sex with you? Awwwuh, honey. Most women do not look like supermodels or anime chicks or whatever else you’ve been whacking it to since you were fourteen. This does not make them undesirable in any way. It makes you a shallow jerk, though, and you might want to look into that.

If you complain that you are “too nice,” then let me direct you to the first part of that sentence. You are complaining. Whining, in fact, about how “girls” (more specifically, girls-you-want-to-bang) would rather have sex with “that asshole who treats them really badly” than with you. This might mean that you are generally a whiny, non-self-aware, entitled jerk. You might want to look into it. Are you even able to articulate why the guy they’re with is an asshole? Might it just be because he has something you want? Furthermore, do you actually have some idea of how you’d treat her better?

The next thing I want to point out is one of scale. If you say, “I can’t get a girl,” or “I can’t get girls,” you are reducing women to collectible tokens, redeemable for manhood at the nearest arcade. What, pray tell, would you do with one even if you got one? Do you ever think about that? Do you ever think about how to be a good boyfriend, or a good man, if it comes to that? Do you think about what you’d like from a woman in your life romantically? I bet not, most of the time, beyond girls being a good source of self-esteem and blow jobs. I bet you just don’t think about it, because that isn’t the point of this exercise. The point is to get something that you find lacking from a girl, instead of from within yourself. This attitude makes you a jerk, and you probably want to look into that.

If you find yourself becoming resentful of the girls in your life, both the ones you do and do not want to bang, because SO MANY WOMEN do not want to bang you, you will start treating even your female friends badly because you “can’t get a girl to like you.” Thus alienating the girls who already liked you, and contributing to several pernicious cycles all at the same time.

Do you complain about the friend zone? “Argh, she totally friend-zoned me!” Let me tell you a little something about the friend zone, snugglepuss. The friend zone is where women put jerks. Or boys/men who come across as really, really needy, or sort of mean, or even people who have abuse red flags going up all over the place. But mostly jerks. And while we’re at it, do you really want someone to date you out of pity rather than sincere and interested affection? And while you’re complaining to me, thanks for letting me know that unrestricted access to a woman’s vagina is all that matters to you. Good to be aware of, nice to have the feedback. Now get OUT OF MY LIFE, YOU JERK.

Ah, yes, I must say a word here about friends. If you have female friends, chances are at least one or two of them really were into you, however vaguely, at some point, but something about you turned them off to you as a romantic partner. She probably realized you were a jerk. Maybe you made too many misogynistic jokes, maybe you came across as too needy, maybe she realized she valued you as a friend more than as a boyfriend. It really does happen. Girls know that relationships are going to go horribly wrong, and maybe they didn’t one to go horribly wrong with you. Also, they might not be physically attracted to you. It happens. Remember, guys are let off the hook for not noticing the geeky girl until she hots herself up for them all the time. You do not get a pass on this because you have a penis. Despite what you have been told, it is not a magic wand.

You want to know how to get a girl? Stop being a jerk. Stop thinking about girls-and-how-to-acquire-them. Shower every day, keep your hair clean and pulled back off your face, shave, look at men in magazines and figure out how to dress nicely. Have hobbies that get you out and about. Read. Listen to music. Go for walks. Develop your friendships and cultivate new ones. Think about what you really want from life, and figure out how to get it. And when a woman becomes interested in you, don’t. be. a jerk.

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